What does it even mean to earn discounts?

Like we keep saying, we are building a community - a family! Everyone works together in a family and reaps benefits together as well.

Do some work for us, get rewarded with one-time custom discount coupons, just for you!

(PS - We will also organise contests from time to time, so be sure you follow us on social media)


What you need to do.

Create something for us. We don't need to outsource our work if the family provides for us. Write an article or story that seafarers can relate to and submit through our blog. Make a video we can use to promote ourselves. Create social media content that we can share on our handles. Share it with us however you choose to. If we like it and end up using it, we will create a custom discount coupon code for you to use on our website. Win-win, wouldn't you say?

Just read the guidelines below for each kind of submission.



You could earn a 15% discount coupon by submitting story/ article to our blog!

01. Your story or article must be something seafarers can relate to.

02. The story/ article must not be published anywhere else - even on your own website/ blog/ social media. If we accept and publish it, you get your discount coupon in exchange for rights to the article. Credit will be given to you of course and it will be published under your name, but you may never publish it elsewhere.

03. The story/ article must be over 700 words at least, to qualify.

04. We will adjudge entries based on suitability for the platform, content, and language/ writing skills. There may be instances where we might suggest edits, but if we do use the story, the coupon is yours.



Think you can make videos? We know some seafarers who really can. If you're one of them, you could earn a 25% discount if we can use your video as an advertisement.

NOTE: For a video to be used as an ad by us, it has to be professional looking with high resolution, smooth transitions, original content etc. If your video does not warrant being used as a paid ad by us, it may qualify as “Social Media Content” as covered in the next section.

01. We prefer ad videos to be no longer than 15 sec, as it is then easier to push them on social media.

02. Our paid ads (not including what we post on OUR social media accounts) may never ever be about our products as a strict policy. We use our products in the ads, but never mention them. The ad is always about seafaring and seafarers, using our products preferably and ending with a hook to come check out our site.

So if you are making a video we may use for advertisement (to get your 25% discount), make sure you DO NOT talk about or emphasise via the video on the product itself. Our logo on the product may be shown and the product on the whole as well, but the video should be about seafarers/ seafaring.



How many times has it happened with you that you follow a brand/ personality on social media and think “why don't they post something like this… that would be so cool and help them a lot?” It has happened to us more times than we care to remember.

If you have an idea for what we should be posting on our social media, and have basic skills to create a post for us, submit it to win a 10% discount coupon code, and a TagBAck to your social media handles.

01. Your post should be suitable for Instagram and Facebook

02. What you submit to us, you may not post directly on your handles. If we use the post on our handles, we will tag your handle (and send you a 10% discount coupon). You may then “re-post” or “add to your story” but never post it as original content on your handles.