SeaDawg - Maritime Brand Ideology

SeaDawg - Maritime Brand Ideology

SeaDawg - Mariners Deserve Quality

Only the best quality merchandise for Seafarers

We are a couple of seafarers and the reason we started this venture was that we had used and seen the products available in the market and we never liked the quality we were getting. Current players are just looking to supply stuff to a void just for the sake of it - or at least that's how we saw it. Nobody really is into it as a brand. There clearly is no brand identity for seafarers which is sad, honestly. That's why we started on this path as we want to produce stuff that can rival good fashion brands in quality. We don't aim to be a shop or a seller but a brand our seafaring brethren can identify with. So quality is paramount.

We only started with polos and a jersey with ranks, and have now introduced a couple of casual T-shirts, but there is a lot planned and in the works. Slowly but steadily we will start bringing other products to the store as well, so always stay tuned and follow our social media accounts.

But it’ll be a while before all of these are available. There are a few reasons for going slow. 

- We want to be in control of the materials that are used. 
- We want to make sure every design is made so it is pleasing to us since we are seafarers ourselves. 
- We need to make sure stitching and manufacturing are according to our standards and done by professionals who are working for designer labels. 

That’s the reason we are bringing out everything one by one. If we start everything together, it’ll be difficult to have full control over the processes. We keep reiterating that quality is paramount for us. 

Hope you can appreciate this slow, but rigorous process we are adopting.
Please do let us know if there is any feedback or suggestions and hope you like our work and spread the word around. Your feedback is what drives us.

A premium quality brand for Mariners - SeaDawg.

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