SeaDawg - Our Commitment To Charity

SeaDawg - Our Commitment To Charity

Seafaring and Charity - SeaDawg

We don't just make merchandise for Seafarers, we do our bit to give back!

We are Mariners ourselves. The sea has given us aplenty. It wouldn't be too much to say we owe most of what has made us who we are to the sea. That being said, it has always been our intention to give back - to mother nature, to the sea, and to our sea-going brethren in whatever capacity we are able.

​As we turned a new page and tried to establish a new venture, we were lucky to have met and teamed up together as like-minded people. What we are trying to do is make merchandise for seafarers - things that we ourselves wish someone was making for us. To this goal, we have set up our brand "SeaDawg" to dedicate it to the legacy of seafaring. 

Truth be told, this is a business venture and intended for profit. We have put every effort to minimise profit so that quality may be made affordable to our brethren, but drawing back to the previous statement, we strongly believe in giving back in whatever capacity one is able.

​We have therefore decided to donate 5% of all profits made under the aegis of the brand "SeaDawg" to seafaring charities every year. To know more about this and to see our letter of commitment to this year's charity, please visit 


​A premium quality brand for Mariners - SeaDawg.

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