What is SeaDawg?

What is SeaDawg?

SeaDawg - A brand for Seafarers? 

What sailors in the Merchant Navy deserve!

As you would learn from our story (Who We Are - https://dawg.in/who ), we were brought into being in order to fill a void. We saw the need for something to be done, observed that nobody was really doing it (whatever was available was way below standards that suit people at sea), and took it upon ourselves to take up the task.

But this isn’t the only thing we want to do. We don’t just want to design material things to sell them and make a profit. This entity was established not by seeing a means to profit from the observed void but to explore it and do our best to get rid of it.

The Maritime Workforce is not only that one of the largest workforces on earth, moving 90% of the world’s goods was neglected as a market for merchandisemade specifically for them (barring, again, substandard merchandise). We feel the pain of our brethren being neglected on a lot of fronts.

The pandemic had our heroes working on the frontline with no others means to keep the wheel turning and no one seemed to be bothered. They faced hardships getting to work, getting back home, and even discharging their duties.

We want to bring together all of us as a family. Creating bonds that will forge a force to be reckoned with.

This family is you. There is nothing we can do without you behind us. We have big plans to get the family together on various fronts and stay united forever, but these plans come only if we can establish SeaDawg as an identifiable name within our seafaring community - something we relate to - something known to the people we want our voices to reach.

For that, we need your support. Shop with us, spread the word, encourage us on social media, and we promise we shall not be just another entity selling products. We shall in fact become the adhesive we stick together with.

Take any brand you can think of. They didn’t become as strong as they are overnight. It was people who believed in their humble beginnings and supported them that made them stronger that brought them to a platform where they are not neglected. We ask for your support to this end.

We strongly believe in helping save the earth and giving back to the environment we get from and you shall see varied evidence of this in our conduct right from the get-go. We are plastic-free, for one.

Also, 5% of all our profits every year go to a seafaring charity. To know more about this, please visit https://dawg.in/charity and download the relevant document for the current period.

Thank you for your time and your support.

A premium quality brand for Mariners - SeaDawg.

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