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Bomber Jacket - Navy Motifs | Unisex | Black

Bomber Jacket - Navy Motifs | Unisex | Black

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Our bomber jacket is a thick, puffy jacket with a quilted lining that can be worn as a casual piece of outerwear. The jacket is made of a sturdy fabric, and it has a zip-up closure and a wide rib-knit collar that provides extra warmth and comfort. Ideally paired with jeans and boots. Specially designed for Bikers. 

Being a unisex product, it gives both a classy and sassy look. 

Every inch has been specially designed and has a meaning to it. 
Each badge on the jacket symbolises specific things related to sea that our founders wish to portray.

Naval motifs for our seafaring brethren.

Tortoise | Skull | Modern Ship | Sailship | Seadawg Branding | Anchor |  Winged anchor Motif 

All badges reflect our maritime affiliation, and have been embroidered on the jacket.

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